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Demand Oriented Research


For the community consolation service demand

The real case study help students understand the theory thought at school through conducting small research projects Most of these research projects are based on the consolation service demands and supported by the local industry. Through cooperation with the community, the result of the research may help the local industry to accelerate their technology development.

For the demand of the industrial district

After establishing The Holong scientific park and National public health center nearby the NUU, the department is nurturing the high- level scientists with outstanding research quality in environmental and safety areas to solve the pollution and safety problems of the industrial district.

For the governmental strategy demand

To balance both economical growth and environmental protection is the national economical strategy of Taiwan s government. To assist government accomplish this strategy, the members in the department try every effort to raise their research quality so that policy of the strategy may be established based on the correct result of the high quality research.



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