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To connect the knowledge of safety, health and environment professions, the curriculums are scheduled as follows:     

Foundation course:

calculus, general chemistry, microbiology, environmental chemistry, advance mathematics, advance statistics, engineering computer application and so on.

Environmental engineering course:

the sewage engineering, solid waste treatment processing and recycling, air pollution, drinking water treatment, pipe and ditch design, environment hydromechanics, environment microbiology, hydrology, clean production, facility operation and management, soil contamination, Incineration technology, biological treatment and so on.

Safety and health course:

industrial safety and health regulations, industrial safety, Industrial hygiene, environmental sanitation and security, industry toxicology, noise and vibration, safety engineering, disaster prevention and explosion-proof and so on.

The laboratory analysis course:

general chemistry lab., water quality analysis lab., working place measuring lab., environmental unit operation lab., instrumental analysis lab., air pollutant analysis lab. and so on.

Environment management course:

environment planning and management, environmental assecement, systematical management for environment and so on.

Course Flowchart

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