Our daily life intensively involves the safety, health and environmental professions, such as annual emission check of our vehicles, drinking water usage at our homes, wastewater discharge of our domestic activities, and solid and hazardous waste disposal from our households and so on. Therefore, the safety, health and environmental professions are important areas for studying to improve our living quality and to preserve our nature resources for the next generations.

In order to study these important areas at NUU, the student must fulfill the graduation requirement of NUU to earn a degree. The department offers the degrees of Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Master of Science (M.S.) in Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering (SHEE).

Undergraduate students should take courses related with their interested technical areas of SHEE department. The senior students should select at least one interested area and take the related elective courses for their study. For the graduate students, a particular area of interest should be selected and the related course work and research in that area should be completed.

Our alumni have a good reputation to be successful in engineering practice and are prepared for advanced studies. We are proud the performance of our alumni in every aspect to be industrial engineers, consulting firm designers and government employers and so on.


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Focus and development

the areas of environment and safety engineering

The department focuses on the national key technologies promoted by Taiwan government. These key technologies include biology, material, environmental protection, energy, automation, security and information. Integrating the research of both environmental and safety areas, the department produces skillful technicians for the community to solve the industrial safety and environmental pollution problems. Annually, approximately 20 projects are conducted and the total budget of these projects is more than NT$10,000,000.